In accordance with the FTC rulings, occasionally I will receive products for free from a company in exchange for a review of their merchandise. I always disclose to the PR representative that I will make an honest assessment of the product on the site, or if I feel very strongly against it, will not be reviewed at all. Product samples for review purposes will not be returned, unless prior arrangements have been made with me prior to receipt.

I try to be honest in my posts that the item was received from them for free, by using language such as “COMPANY was kind enough to send me this product for review”; this is to be contrasted against language like, “I was so excited PRODUCT came out, that I had to go out & snatch it up immediately!” which indicates that I purchased the item myself for review.

If you have, at any point, questions about whether the product was given to me or purchased by me, please email me, and I will be more than happy to clarify!

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