Summer Beauty: Chanel Cruise 2019 Lumière Et Contraste

As someone who reads everything about beauty, I find that I follow trends less and less.  With so much upheaval in the beauty space that affects how and what we buy these days, it’s kind of surprising that major beauty brands still follow the business model of dictating to me/us what we should wear.  In a way, seasonal collections are a bit boring as I’ve found lately.  They are re-promotions of existing products with one or two new items that more or less underwhelm in some way.  Even with that, I’m still kind of old school so I still like to take a peak at new, seasonal merch ever so often.

Like any woman who considers herself a Chanel aficionado — visiting the Chanel counter still gives me the warm and fuzzies!  I’m such a huge fan of Chanel nail lacquers and stopping by my local Nordstrom, I knew I had to check out their new Cruise 2019 Lumière Et Contraste nail lacquers and they did not disappoint!

When visiting, I saw the new limited-edition shades, but wanted to check them out in live and in living color.  I was particularly interested in the shade Open Air #705.  It’s a gorgeous gray leaning periwinkle bluish purple that I absolutely love!

I have another similar shade like this from OPI, but Open Air has a little something extra special.  After being seduced by Open Air, I couldn’t resist the urge to check out Open Air’s two other sisters, Afterglow (love that name), and Purple Ray and all of my money flew out of my wallet along with extra bucks when I tried the Ombre Première Gloss in Lunaire.


Open Air as described a gorgeous gray leaning periwinkle bluish purple

Purple Ray is a gray tinged lavender with blue undertones

Afterglow is a balanced beige that’s slightly cool with a gold ghost pearl running through it


This creamy, sheer silver gloss is primarily used on the eyes, but you can use it to highlight the skin or add dimension to a sultry eye look or alone as a subtle, but attention grabbing wash of color on the eyes.  I like that my eyelids don’t stick while wearing it. I chose Lunaire instead of Solaire because I have so many gold eye shades and silver is dramatic on my skin tone and seeing that it’s so much cooler on me, it beautiful in such a dramatic, but natural way.

Needless to say, I spent a small fortune, but I always get my money’s worth with Chanel.  Chatting it up with the Chanel sales rep, I tried the Duo Bronze Et Lumière in medium.  I wasn’t sure about the bronzer side because I’m dark, but something about the cool toned brown bronzer side of the compact was inviting.  On my complexion, it would be cool on me and would be great as a contour, but when I wanted to give it a go, the last unit was sold out.  I’m still considering it because I know I can work it.

Nails in Chanel Open Air Cruise 2019






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