Going Into 2018 Like…

Over the holidays, when I caught a break, I sat down to watch for the millionth time one of my all time favorite movies, Mahogany.  The very premise of this film, if you’ve never seen it, is about having fierce determination for your dreams and aspirations and what happens when your reach success and what it really means to be successful.

I’m not here to get all preachy on you, but after watching this film the last day of 2017, I came away with a different feeling about it that ever before.  In life, we all wish to reach a certain modicum of success.  The word “success” has many definitions for different people. After watching Mahogany, I realized that there are certain things I want to achieve in my life and whether I’m successful at it or not, here’s what I know from experience:

  • Thank God EVERY single day that you can open your eyes and breath because it means you got another shot at winning in life.
  • While you’re on your journey to achievement, you may as well go full steam ahead and live a life of no regrets.
  • No matter what people say or do, DO NOT let anyone stop you for going for your dreams.
  • Fear and faith cannot live in the same space.  Don’t keep talking about what you want to do.  Put action behind those words and get out there and mess up, and eff up everything until you reach your goals.
  • Success is messy as hell and life will throw some serious curve balls your way, but don’t lose sight of your dream.
  • Keep positive people around you as much as possible and ignore the naysayers.  It’s easier said than done, but once you are cognizant of it, it will become easier.
  • Live life for yourself!

Here’s to a fierce and fun-filled 2018!  Happy New Year!


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