The Mystery of The Red Lip

I should have titled this, “The Mystery of the Red Lip and how to chose your red” because even in this day, finding the perfect red for you is still a mystery for some.  So when I mention the word “mystery” I mean, the allure of a red lip in and of itself and the mystery of finding a red that suits you and something you’d reach for over and over again.

If you read beauty blogs and beauty magazine features as much as I do, you already know that the color red evokes so much emotion.  It’s a passionate and sexy color and it’s a color that can stand on it’s own.  But I don’t have to tell you that.


Finding that perfect shade of red for you can be a daunting task, but it’s not impossible.  If you consider your undertones, you may be able to find a shade or two of red that suit you.  And speaking of undertones, I’m speaking of the level of warmth or coolness in your skin.  It’s an old fashioned trick, but it works.  If you find that you look best in warmer colors, like oranges, yellows, and rust shades, chances are you have golden undertones and reds with a hint of orange would look best with your complexion.   If blues, pinks, and purples look better on you, your complexion will be more cool.  Reds with hints of pink will work best.  If any of these shades mentioned look great on you, you have more of a neutral undertone and can probably pick from a larger shade range.  Please keep in mind that the information above is just a guideline, though, but could be a starting point to get you going in the right direction.  And not to say that cool shades won’t work on someone who leans warmer.  All it means is that the color would create a dramatic look and would probably be a fabulous shade for you.



MAC Ruby Woo

Nars Dragon Girl

MAC Russian Red

Kevyn Aucoin Bloodroses

Sephora Collection Always Red



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