Adding MAC Liptensity Lipstick To My Already Large Lipstick Stash


MAC just launched their most creamiest, rich, color saturated lipstick to their lip portfolio.  I am all about a good color payoff and this current MAC launch is one of the best I’ve seen from MAC in a long time.  The shades were formulated with a “tetrachromacy” specialist.  People who are classified as such have the ability to see 100 million more hues that most people can see on average.  As a makeup artist, I think I have a pretty good eye for color. So when I visited my local MAC Store, I looked intensely to see if these new lippies had anything particularly unusual color-wise.

For the most part, I’ve seen colors like these before, but with a few undertone mixtures and tweaks, some of the shades do look slightly different from any of the other lipsticks that I own.  As with most colors, how they look in the package is different on how they look on an individual because of skin tone and such.

Anyway, from the shades I chose, I got Toast And Butter, Double Fudge, and Marsala. I love how the lipstick packaging matches their respective shade.  It’s a sleek, matte tube that’s quite different from the usual MAC lipstick package.  Side Note: Since I love food, I just noticed that the three colors I purchased are named after food! 🙂

Toast And Butter is probably the most different of shades that’s in the line up that I bought.  It’s most different from the nude-brown shades that I own.  Either most are too pink or too ashy for my dark skin.  Toast And Butter is a beautiful full cream warm golden peanut butter with a very faint pink undertone shade that I absolutely love!  I love it because the cream formula lasts!  I test drove it yesterday and I love the way it lays on the lips.  There is so much room to play with the texture.  It goes on as a full coverage, but it can be sheered down for an interesting casual lip look.

Double Fudge reminds me of MAC’s Film Noir (a fav of mines for years), but with a blackberry undertone.  I know I’ll be wearing this color the hell out!

Lastly, I wanted a brighter shade, so I bought Marsala.  On me, this lovely shade of a deep warm browned raspberry is gorgeous!  I can see myself wearing this shade with an all black ensemble and letting this color be my accessory.

I’m definitely adding the rest to my personal stash and to my makeup artist kit!  Bravo MAC!

Photo:  The Glow Goddess


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