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Being on Instagram affords you the ability to find out about new beauty (or not so new) products that you probably would never see in a beauty editorial of your favorite fashion magazine.  Since I follow a number of clean beauty accounts on Instagram, I’ve come across a multitude of products that not only provide a clean product, but a fashionable aesthetic as well.  As such is natural makeup line, Alima Pure.  Because someone liked a photo of mines on Instagram, it led me to look at their account which lead me to another until I landed on Alima Pure’s Instagram.  I was definitely intrigued with their philosophy of clean beauty and wellness.

Because I am a beauty and wellness blogger, I was recently sent a few PR samples of their products to try.  The folks at Alima Pure sent over a generous package of their Satin Matte Foundation Samples in Warm.  It’s a good sampling of their foundation, so the package came with 10 small jars filled with their powdered foundation labeled according to your complexion level in cools, olives, neutrals, warms, and beiges.

Seeing that mineral makeup was all the rage over the last 8 or 9 years, a lot of lines that tried to dip their toe into mineral makeup have pretty much moved on to other things.  So I’m assuming that Alima Pure has picked up where other brands have left off.  Because the Satin Matte Foundations are one of the star products of this brand, The Satin Matte Foundations are cleaner than the mineral options that are still available today.  With a wide range of shade offerings, (45 shades to be exact) you should be able to find your match.

As for me, I tested and swatched each shade in the Warm sample bundle.  The closest shade that matched my complexion was Warm 7 because of the deep golden undertones.  On the initial application with a small Kabuki brush, it did go on a little ashy and I was afraid that it would be make my skin too light, but my skin eventually warmed up to it after about 10 to 15 minutes.  It did impart a slightly full coverage look, but I suspect it can be sheered down with a larger fluffy brush.

As someone who often mixes foundations, I wanted to see what Warm 7 would look like on it’s own.  I still want to do another full week of testing to see how Warm 7 does and I will probably add a bit of the Cool 7 with it because of the red undertones.  I can say that the foundation does seem to give a nice polished look to the skin.  I am still road testing the Satin Matte Foundation, so the jury is still out on it, but so far so good.  So another post is in order!

The foundation are very lightweight and looking at the other shades that were sent to me, Alima Pure seems to have taken a multitude of undertones into consideration when formulating this product.  So mixing and matching should not be a problem to finding what’s right for you.


In the package was a Radiant Finishing Powder in Sedona.  This was the first product I tested because I am all about glowing skin!  This medium deep cocoa shaded highlighting and finishing powder is a winner!  I say that because some powders that provide any type of sheen on darker skin tends to be quite ashy and fake looking.  I was really impressed.  I applied it with a large fluffy brush all over my face and it gave my skin a healthy bronzy glow without looking too glittery or shiny.  The texture of the powder is very light – almost like air.  It came in a jar with a sifter so that you can control the amount of product you want to work with.  I used it alone after moisturizing and I’ve used in on top of my regular liquid foundation.


Next, I got the Satin Matte Blush in Soft Plum.  It’s a loose powder blush in the same jar with a sifter for product control.  This gorgeous brown based berry shade is feathery light in texture.  At first glance, I didn’t think it would work with my skin tone, but it did.  On me, it’s a very soft, barely-there pink that’s perfect for weekends or when I want to do the “no-makeup” makeup look.


Another product I received was the Pressed Eye Shadow in Luxe.  It’s a shimmery gold bronze shade with hints of a pink undertone that will look beautiful on a number of complexions.  Another “soft to the touch” product, the shadow itself comes with a refillable compact.  So once you’ve finished one shadow, you can fill the compact with a replacement.  I do like this idea of saving on packaging, but would love to know why they didn’t consider this option for their foundation and blushes.  I realize that they are loose products, but pressed products into refillable containers are the way to go to save on having to toss a totally reusable compact.


One of the other items I received was the Natural Definition Brow Pencil in Deep.  This is brow pencil has a good texture to it to fill in your brows with.  It’s not too creamy or too waxy or too dry, but somewhere between all of those textures.  It has the potential to double as an eye liner, but it was too cool and leaned more towards an ashy brown for my complexion.  I usually will need a brow color that’s a little warmer.


Overall, the Alima Pure is a pretty solid line of natural makeup.  It’s a growing beauty company out of Portland, Oregon and I can’t wait to see how they will evolve!


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