Dry As The Desert: The Skinny On Dehydrated Skin

desertLately my skin has been going nuts.  I’ve been experiencing more breakouts and my skin seems oiler than ever and dry at the same time.  Ever since ol’ man winter decided to come out from hiding, my skin is in a state of confusion.  I’m so not used to this behavior!

Usually, when it’s colder, my skin tends to “act” more like combination skin, but  the way it was behaving was quite unusual.  I couldn’t figure out what the heck was going on until I did a bit of research and it seems that I’m suffering from a case of good ol’ dehydration.

Because I’m very diligent about my skin care, I didn’t get it at first.  I don’t sleep in makeup or anything crazy like that, but as it stands, being indoors pretty much all day with the heat blasting and realizing that I wasn’t drinking as much water as I thought made sense. What also made since was looking at the products I was using for my skin. I usually use a gel cleanser, a balancing toner, and an oil free moisturizer twice a day with a treatment product inserted into my routine at least twice a week.


Armed with these factors in mind, I knew I couldn’t do much about the climate, indoors or outdoors, so I increased my water intake.  I decided to switch up my skin care products, too. I went from using my usual gel cleanser to a milky, non-foaming cleanser (try Fresh Soy Face Cleanser for all skin types).  And for an added hydration benefit, I’ve incorporated a treatment serum into my routine. I learned of Artistry Hydra V Vital Skin Serum Concentrate from a friend, who is a skin care buff and who advised me that it would clear up the dehydration issue quickly.  She explained that the serum is like a “drink of water for the skin. ” Sign me up!

Since I made the product switches and increased my water intake, my skin seems more balanced and the breakouts have calmed down a lot! I mean, A LOT!
What I did learn is that ANY skin type can suffer from dehydration. I would venture to say that a good number of people who are experiencing these symptoms may not realize that they are dehydrated and compounding their issue with products for a specific skin type, but not address their skin’s current condition.

So…do you think your skin is dehydrated? If so, what have you done to turn your skin around?




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