Gucci Lipstick

When Gucci first dropped this latest iteration of lipsticks, I kind of glossed over them.  It’s unusual, because I’m always all over what new beauty treats come forth from design houses where beauty is not, usually, in their portfolio.  I do know that Gucci launched a makeup line around five or six years ago, but there was no interest for me there, either.

But recently, I went to the Gucci website to purchase a pair of shades I had my eye on, and I decided to look at the lipsticks again.  I took my time going through all of the shades and many texture options.  The gorgeous way the lipsticks were presented on their website was so pretty — I decided to hit up Youtube to see what some beauty vloggers were saying about them.  I came across one review from one vlogger and her positive review convinced me to make the purchase.

I can say with assurance that once I got the Gucci lipsticks ($42) in my hands and tried them for myself, my first thought was that this was money well spent.  The textures I got were four mattes and two satin textures.  The textures are the true stars of the Gucci lipsticks.  The mattes are creamy, creamy, creamy!  They are non-drying and feel super soft and pillowy on the lips.  I believe that this particular matte formula lends itself to helping the pigments shine even brighter than a lot of mattes on the market today.

The satin textures are just as luxurious as the mattes.  They are smooth as silk and wearing them is like you aren’t wearing anything at all.

As stated, I went through each shade and texture (six textures of matte, satin, sheer, glitter, metallic, and balms) offering and I landed on my first six shades that I wanted to try.

Starting clockwise the shades are Agatha Orange, They Met In Argentina, Cimarron, Pauline Brown, Mona Leslie Cameo, and Love Before Breakfast.

Gucci Lipsticks


Agatha Orange: Super bright true orange.  This richly pigmented shade has the ability to work on a multitude of skin tones.  In the matte texture, it balances the bright shade in a way I haven’t seen in a lipstick color particularly against dark skin like mines.  It’s a smooth application without any patchiness.

Mona Leslie Cameo: A gorgeous natural brown with soft raspberry undertones that peak through on lighter skin tones, but looks more like a soft minky brown on darker skin, it’s the perfect compliment a smokey eye/nude lip combo.

They Met In Argentina: This neutral pinky terracotta shade with coral undertones is absolutely pretty.  Depending on who’s wearing it, it can brighten your look immediately or it can read like a “your lips, but better” shade.

Love Before Breakfast: Just like her sister, Agatha Orange, Love Before Breakfast is a super bright fuchsia pink with a blue undertone.  It’s so flattering, it was an instant favorite for me.  And with the matte texture, it a sophisticated way to brighten your face and will work alone and will work with a fierce smokey eye when going for a full-on late 80’s makeup.




Pauline Brown: A smooth cool brown with a bit of a grayish undertone, this shade is a stunning color.  Any skin tone will look great in it.  On me, the gray shows through and I can see myself wearing this with a sumptuous cashmere black turtleneck sweater with a thick pair of black framed eyeglasses and a chic chignon for fall.  It’s a beautiful brown on my neutral skin tone.

Cimarron: Where Pauline Brown is a cool brown, Cimarron is a warmer deeper brown with pink undertones.  Another stunning natural shade, I can see myself wearing this as my everyday neutral lip.  It can be dressed up or down.  I’ve been wearing this non-stop since I’ve gotten it.


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