A Quick Review of A Few Nars Skincare Bits

I have always been a big fan of Nars Cosmetics since the beginning.  I love that the brand had “black girl friendly” products from the start.  With quality makeup and quality packaging, Nars was an instant hit with makeup artist and I was lucky enough to work with the line for a number of years.  While I was always a fan of the makeup, I never got into the skin care.  The packaging is gorgeous, but I was never compelled to dive in — until now.

When I decided to purchase a few skin care items, I went for the more specialty ones only because I have a few cleansers and moisturizers that I need to use up and to be honest, it sounds weird, but I tend to judge a line based on their specialty skin care items.  It’s definitely not a guarantee, but if I’m impressed, I will go for the more basic items in a line.  So I decided to try the Makeup Removing Water and the Restorative Night Treatment pieces.


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Since micellar waters are all the rage, this is the Nars version of that.  This is a soap-free, alcohol-free, and oil-free water that is supposed to do what all micellar waters do — remove makeup.  I tried it out for a full two-weeks and compared it to the Bioderma and Garnier versions of the same product that I have and to be honest, the Nars Makeup Removing Water, was underwhelming.  While it did remove some makeup, including a waterproof mascara, I think the Bioderma cleaned my skin better.  It’s not that I would never use it again, because it would be great for those days when you are wearing something super light.  But for $28, it is way overpriced for what you get. 


The Restorative Night Treatment is a very interesting product and interesting in a good way.  Pretty much all makeup and skin care lines out there have a version of a nightly facial oil treatment that your usual liquid version.  The Nars facial oil is a sort of solid “gel to oil” formulation that instantly melts when it makes contact with the skin.  It is a dream product!!  I love how you can truly control the amount of product because a little really goes along way.  It has a very faint scent of monoi oil, but it’s not offensive at all.  It’s a really great treatment to pump moisture into the skin and to stay hydrated.  After a sleeping in this treatment, my skin looks so refreshed and glowy by morning.  The only downside I have about the product is the the size.  The amount you get is a little less than a full 1 oz size of a typical liquid face oil.  I actually ordered it sight unseen, so I thought that the treatment was going to come in a larger container.  It didn’t, but because it’s a solid performing product, I would definitely repurchase it.

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