Healthy Body, Healthy Hair. Essential Vitamins For Healthy Hair Growth.


Hair.  It’s a woman’s crowning glory.  Something to be honored.  Something to be revered.  Something to be treasured.  Hair is sacred.  Hair is political.  Hair is fashion. Hair is so important to a woman’s self-esteem.

I don’t care how you wear your hair; you have to admit that it can strike up a conversation that can be debated for hours on end.  One thing’s for certain is that when it comes to how to grow your locks, there are so many methods and techniques and products to get the job done.

With all of the products on the market that promise to grow your locks as long as you’d like, these products are mostly topical solutions.  But what about starting your hair growth journey from the inside out?

In order to get the hair you want, at least to make it super healthy, you need to following essential vitamins to get the job done.  Keep reading.


Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin that’s considered key in growing healthy hair.  Taking biotin has the potential to increase the density of your hair as well as aiding in growing it longer.  It can also produce keratin, which is the key protein in healthy hair.  As far as the recommended daily dosage, 2.5 mg is the “magic” number for hair growth.  There are some biotin vitamins you can get at higher dosages.  Some of the best biotin-rich foods are eggs, almonds, legumes, sweet potato, oats, and brown rice.

Vitamin A

Loading up on foods that contain a good amount of vitamin A can help increase sebum (oil) in the scalp.  The hair can be gain more elasticity and not be as dry which can lead to more breakage.  Foods sourced with vitamin A include spinach, peaches, carrots, and cod liver oil.

Vitamin E

As an antioxidant, vitamin E is essential to many bodily functions.  But for hair growth, it can potentially reduce hair loss and increase blood circulation in the body.  Increased blood flow to the scalp is so important to growing your hair.  You can take vitamin E in pill form, but as a sourced food, you can find it in beans, leafy greens, nuts, and soybeans.


Found in sourced foods like salmon, seeds, and nuts, when consumed magnesium can get your hair and scalp in healthy tip top shape for optimal hair growth.

MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane)

MSM is a natural organic sulfur compound that is found naturally in the body, but also can be found in foods such as eggs, fruits, vegetables, and grains that support hair growth.

Other essential vitamins to consider on your healthy hair growth journey include, vitamin C, iron, zinc, Folic acid, and Omega 3s.

As you can guess, having a well-balanced diet can lead to having healthy hair.  We know that the growth rate of hair is dependent on the individual.  But some want to see results sooner rather than later, so many turn to hair supplements to get the job done.  With popular hair vitamins like Hairfinity, Viviscal Professional, and Phyto all over the internet making waves (no pun intended), these are other options to look into to aid you in your hair growth journey.

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